JS-G-3KVA AC Voltage Stabilizer

1.Nominal capacity(3KVA) 2.Input voltage range 120V~300V 3.Input frequency range 50Hz±0.5Hz 4.Effectiveness:≧95% 5.Voltage adjustment time:≤40ms 6.Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ

MD-06 Sample Grinder

1.The grinding sample uses a two-speed motor, Motor Power 1.3kw/1.8kw 2.Speed: one gear 1400 rev / min, Second gear 2800 rev / min 3.Supply voltage: AC380V 4.Grinding wheel outer diameter 350mm, Bore 32mm 5.Sealed dust absorption guide groove design, fully recovering dust

CYAR-4A Argon Purifier

1.Purity:99.9998% 2.Impurity content:O2 ≦0.5PPm, H2O≦1PPm(Dew point≦-76℃) CO+C02 ≦0.1PPm, S, P Oxide≦0.1PPm 3.Number of dust particles (≧0.3µm) 3-5 / liter 4.Working pressure:0.4-1.5Mpa 5.Gas volume:4NM3/h


1.The maximum turning diameter of the workpiece on the bed is 250 mm 2.Maximum workpiece length 550 mm 3.Spindle through hole diameter 20 mm 4.Spindle speed range 125-2000 rev / min